Organically produced Microbe Concentrate Fertiliser (odourless), available in 20 Litre, 5 Litre, and 1 Litre bottles. Also available in bulk orders.
Dilute 20-30ml of liquid to 1 litre of water for small plants & seedlings. Or 30-100ml of liquid for larger plants. Apply fortnightly using watering can or spray.

Liquid Fertiliser


Organically produced a rich blended, odourless soil conditioner with water
holding capacity.
Available in 3 Litre bags.

Use as a slow release fertiliser.


Rubellus - Red Worm

Fetida - Tiger Worm

Excavatus - Blue Worm

Worms suitable for standard worm farms. Available in 250g boxes, approx. 1000 worms. Bulk orders available.

Organic Garlic

Our Russian Garlic is grown organically on our South Coast property. As it is a seasonal product and on high demand, we can not guarantee it's availability all year round.
We can guarantee however, that it is deliciously sweet and large. (see the gallery)
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